kassia flux

I’ve been chosen for Ones to watch from BBC Music Introducing due for broadcast on BBC Radio 3’s Late Junction at 11pm on Tue 15th January. Tune in to listen to ‘Wild River’ (recorded live at The Horse Improvised music Club at Iklectik in August).

field recordings | musique concrète | songs | sonic art | natural | mechanical | boats birds | machines | voices | insects | buildings | bells | helicopters | violin |voice

Kassia Flux forages and forges material from her surroundings, integrating it with her electric violin, analogue bass station and voice, in order to create tunes and long-form pieces for release, live performances, radio and installation.

Coming soon:

  • 22nd Jan 2019 –  NoizeMaschin! New Cross  – with experimental video.
  • 4th Mar 2019 – Boat-ting: performing in the duo known as FluxHaus.

Recently released debut album [cd|stream|download]: linearobsessional.bandcamp.com/album/i-hear-you