Kassia Flux

electric violin | voice | field recordings | musique concrète | contemporary | songs | alt | weird | birds | machines | insects | bells | helicopters | hydrophones | electro-magnetics 

I’m a London-based composer and performer. I forage and forge material from my surroundings, integrating it with my electric violin, voice and other instruments, to create tunes and long-form pieces for performance, broadcast and release.

I record stuff in my little home studio, and I also venture out and about to capture field recordings from various environments. All these recordings are subjected to a rigorous process of selection, processing, magicking, to create a library stacked with custom music, sounds and noises, which acts as both an orchestra and a muse.

My practice is routed in the tradition of Musique concrète developed by Pierre Schaeffer in the 1940’s, aided by contemporary digital tools and technologies. I try to create music that has form, but is loose enough to breathe and shape-shift. There’s so much intensity and anxiety in the world. I guess that in some respects, I’m trying to create an antidote – an oxygen mask – an opening – a release – without being boring!

Coming soon:

17th July 2019 – gig at Amersham Arms, New Cross SE14.
Sharing the bill with Acis As, Freida Abtan and Lauren Sarah Hayes.

19th July 2019 – performing at Vocalis,
located at the Beaconsfield Contemporary Art Gallery in Vauxhall, South London.

1st Sept 2019 – gig at Noiseberg in Berlin – Oppelner Straße 12
[closest U-Bahn = Schlesisches Tor].

Super-excited that I was invited by DJ  to compose a piece for . Arm yourself with a phone or ipad and some headphones, then visit the Culture Mile to hear site-specific compositions via the web app.

My piece Rahere uses choral fragments, church bells and ghostly field sounds to engage with the temporal dimension and embody the history, space and community within the ancient StBartholomew.




Photo by Mark Allen.

Recently released 2nd album Ergot in the Wine – Download |CD from Bandcamp.EITW-FRONT-COVER-01