booked for gig at DIY space for London

Just been invited to play a set on Sunday 11th Aug at DIY space for London


trust the doc review of Quantum Deep

Review by Neil March – Trust the Doc – Edition 30, 16th July 2019

I have also previously reviewed Kassia Flux and again at Linear Obsessional ( when she duetted live with Smallhaus as Fluxhaus and I also mentioned it in TTD when she was deservedly included in Late Junction’s artists of the year for 2018. So it was great to receive a new track from her which shows another side to her versatile multi-instrumental experimental music. And it was the particular style and sound of this track Quantum Deep that prompted me to include her music in this section where I have previously reviewed her under Contemporary Classical and Leftfield. It is further evidence of how blurred the borders between progressive musical territories are these days which is, of course, a good thing.

So to the track. Mystical voices float almost inaudibly above slow synth tremelo. The word ‘deeper’ continues to pop up above the wave of sounds before the beat vanishes and a minimal backdrop ensues. The structure is unusual, a series of changes in texture but all of them relatively transparent and adorned with semi-chanted voices. It works though and the somewhat sudden end leaves me wondering whether there is a part two in the making. Catch her stunning live set at Vanishing Point @ The Ivy House, Nunhead, Peckham, SE London on 7th November.


Oscillations a success!!

21st June 2019 – Oscillations, a solstice event at Iklectik. This was a debut collaboration with Rosa Lynch Northover on Marimba. We played a couple of my songs (Contact Physique and Quantum Deep) interspersed with improvisations. We were joined by Rosa’s friend and contemporary dancer par-excellence Rosalie Pearce Bell, with a backdrop of experimental film projection. It worked marvellously!! A wonderful evening – I feel so privileged to work with these amazing people. Video of Contact Physique live.